Recipe #1: White Loaves

Since I spend my Tuesday mornings at church baking for our Wednesday meal, I will probably be making most of my recipes on the weekend before and posting them on Tuesday when I get home from church.  I made the white bread on Friday and took it over to share with friends for happy hour.  The bread made delicious grilled cheese sandwiches in my panini grill, with a slice of provolone and a slice of cheddar.

I  made the recipe twice, because the first time I used the exact amount of flour the recipe called for and I felt that the loaves were too tough and dense.  The second time I used 1 cup less flour with much better results.  It tastes great and was surprisingly easy to make.

Second batch, first rise…looks pretty good!

Second rise, in front of the warm fireplace, for about 45 minutes.

Success!   The first batch, on the counter, tasted ok but was a little more flat and dense.  The second batch, with a cup less flour, was lighter, tastier, baked up to it’s recommended height of 4″ and looked better than the first batch.

Looking forward to those Chocolate Truffle Tartlets in two weeks!

7 thoughts on “Recipe #1: White Loaves

  1. I love the fact that you adjusted the recipe and made the bread again. Now we can all learn from your experience and use less flour in the future–many have described this bread as being a little dry.

  2. Thanks for the comment Julia. I did learn a lesson in that I should go easy on the last bit of flour just in case it doesn’t need it! You can always add it but you can’t take it back out!

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