Recipe #5: Pizza Rustica

Check out Emily’s link, one of this week’s hosts, to find the recipe for the Pizza Rustica.  Capital Region Dining Blog.  The recipe is on page 430 of Baking with Julia.

I made this yesterday because I had four big college boys here to try the recipe out on. My son is home for spring break and he had some friends over to watch the NCAA Championship basketball game. The verdict on the pizza pie wasn’t too enthusiastic, ranging from “I like it” to “I’m not really a quiche kinda guy.” I thought it was ok, but needed more substance in the filling. I’m thinking broccoli or spinach would have done the trick.
The crust was easy to make in the food processor. I used butter instead of lard since the recipe gave the option to choose. It wasn’t the easiest to roll out, but then I chilled it for an hour and it worked better. Overall, this was a quick and easy recipe, and I’d do it again with less sugar in the crust and more veggies in the filling.

Before baking:After baking:And this morning for breakfast, it actually tastes better!Have a great day everybody!  The sun is shining in South Dakota 🙂


8 thoughts on “Recipe #5: Pizza Rustica

  1. I’m sure this is not what four college boys were thinking of when they thought they were getting pizza! Just reading the ingredient list I thought it needed more pizzazz. It was better the next day.

    • You are right about that! Today the boys are eating a double crust stuffed meat pizza from Papa Murphy’s and they are sighing with the perfection of it. So much for my attempts at gourmet baking with Julia!

  2. It looks great. We enjoyed it and I think my college son would also like it, but I agree that adding spinach would really taste good. My husband keeps calling it a quiche, so I agree that it probably threw your college boys off a bit with the name.

  3. I enjoyed your post and could relate to both having a college student and watching the NCAA games! My teenage son who eats anything also didn’t love this one. My husband and son both thought the crust was too sweet for the filling. I think you are right that different fillings and less sugar might make the difference

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