Recipe #25 French Apple Tart

Fast forward through December and here we are at January 22nd already!  Recipes # 22, 23 and 24 will have to be tried sometime on an off week this year because I just didn’t have the time to get them done.  Oh well.  It was a fantastic family filled holiday and I loved every minute of it.  Now I’m back to Baking with Julia with the French Apple Tart, page 379. Check out the recipe on our host of the week’s blog, Laws of the Kitchen.


It’s a beautiful, snowy day here in Rapid City, South Dakota. Just the kind of day to hang out at home and bake a tart and a couple of loaves of bread.


I made the crust in the food processor. Very easy. Makes 4 crusts, so 3 are now in the freezer ready to make more tarts or pies.


Each pastry is formed into a disc…3 go into the freezer, 1 into the fridge for a couple of hours.


While the pie crust is chilling for several hours, the apples are chopped, mixed with the secret ingredients (check the recipe), and baked until soft.



The baked apples are mashed and ready to go into the baked crust.


The crust is baked in a 9″ tart pan, cooled and ready to fill.


The mashed apples in the crust. Oh look, there’s a little tiny tart there peeking into the photo.


Sliced apples on the top, brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with sugar, and ready for the oven.


And into the oven it goes with it’s little baby tart tagging along.


It took about 10 minutes longer for me than the recipe said, but it turned out really well.


Flaky crust, tart apples. We loved it.


It’s just perfect with a little ice cream. Will definitely make this again.



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