Recipe #27: Boca Negra

Easy to make, chocolately goodness with a little bourbon added.  Need I say more.  In fact, I’ll let our hostess of the week, Cathy, tell you the Boca Negra story.  Mine came out a little gooey, more like pudding than a cake.  But still very delicious.  I should probably  cook it a little longer next time and see if it gets a little less gooey and a little more cakey, but the recipe said to cook it for “exactly” 30 minutes.  I made 3 little cakes instead of one 9″ round so I could share with more of my friends.   I’ll try this one again.  Pictures are worth a thousand words…


IMG_1694 IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1701 IMG_1703 IMG_1704

IMG_1710Happy hour at the Wobbly Bobby with friends calls for beer and chocolate!  Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Recipe #27: Boca Negra

  1. Super easy and delicious! With only one and half tablespoons flour, I dont think this is will turn out cakey, it’s meant to be more mousse like. How very nice to share – I wanted to just hide in a closet and keep it to myself – but that would be selfish…

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