Recipe #36: Baked Yogurt Tart

Better late than never.  This recipe was scheduled for July 2nd, but I finally got it made on July 11th.  We were invited over for dinner last night, so I made this tart as a dessert, and also the summer vegetable tart (that’s coming up next week) as an appetizer.

The recipe for the yogurt tart is found on page 378 of Baking with Julia, and I also found it online here.  It was really simple to make, not too sweet, and a light dessert for a summer dinner.  The Flaky Pie Dough recipe for the crust mixed up easily in the food processor, chilled for 30 minutes, then rolled and pressed into a springform pan.  I had a little difficulty getting the sides of the pie crust to stay up in the pan because the sides go straight up. The crust is baked first, then the yogurt/egg/sugar/flour/vanilla mixture gets poured in, topped with fruit and almonds, and baked for for 40 minutes.  I used blueberries and peaches, sprinkled with slivered almonds.  The tart unmolded nicely from the springform pan. As suggested in the recipe, we ate it at room temperature and it was good, but I definitely liked it better this morning cold from the fridge for breakfast.

IMG_2274 IMG_2276 IMG_2284 IMG_2286


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