Recipe #27: Boca Negra

Easy to make, chocolately goodness with a little bourbon added.  Need I say more.  In fact, I’ll let our hostess of the week, Cathy, tell you the Boca Negra story.  Mine came out a little gooey, more like pudding than a cake.  But still very delicious.  I should probably  cook it a little longer next time and see if it gets a little less gooey and a little more cakey, but the recipe said to cook it for “exactly” 30 minutes.  I made 3 little cakes instead of one 9″ round so I could share with more of my friends.   I’ll try this one again.  Pictures are worth a thousand words…


IMG_1694 IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1701 IMG_1703 IMG_1704

IMG_1710Happy hour at the Wobbly Bobby with friends calls for beer and chocolate!  Cheers!


Recipe #26: Foccacia

Our host this week for Foccacia is Sharmini of Wandering Through.  She has the recipe there and her’s looks great!  Check out the other Tuesdays with Dorie bakers at   The dough is easy to mix in the Kitchenaid and it had no problem doubling in bulk with both rises.  Then into the fridge in 3 little oily plastic bags for a 24 hour waiting period.  After that, it’s another hour on the counter before flattening, topping and baking.  All in all, a tasty bread to eat alone or as a great sandwich.  Very easy, and I’ll make it again if I have the time to plan a day ahead.  We had some for dinner last night with a little olive oil-balsamic vinegar to dip it in.  One went into the freezer to have another day.  This makes a lot of bread for 2 people!


Recipe #25 French Apple Tart

Fast forward through December and here we are at January 22nd already!  Recipes # 22, 23 and 24 will have to be tried sometime on an off week this year because I just didn’t have the time to get them done.  Oh well.  It was a fantastic family filled holiday and I loved every minute of it.  Now I’m back to Baking with Julia with the French Apple Tart, page 379. Check out the recipe on our host of the week’s blog, Laws of the Kitchen.


It’s a beautiful, snowy day here in Rapid City, South Dakota. Just the kind of day to hang out at home and bake a tart and a couple of loaves of bread.


I made the crust in the food processor. Very easy. Makes 4 crusts, so 3 are now in the freezer ready to make more tarts or pies.


Each pastry is formed into a disc…3 go into the freezer, 1 into the fridge for a couple of hours.


While the pie crust is chilling for several hours, the apples are chopped, mixed with the secret ingredients (check the recipe), and baked until soft.



The baked apples are mashed and ready to go into the baked crust.


The crust is baked in a 9″ tart pan, cooled and ready to fill.


The mashed apples in the crust. Oh look, there’s a little tiny tart there peeking into the photo.


Sliced apples on the top, brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with sugar, and ready for the oven.


And into the oven it goes with it’s little baby tart tagging along.


It took about 10 minutes longer for me than the recipe said, but it turned out really well.


Flaky crust, tart apples. We loved it.


It’s just perfect with a little ice cream. Will definitely make this again.


Recipe #20: Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

Yes I DID get up at 6:15 and make muffins this morning!  They were, thankfully, so easy I could make them in my sleep.  My niece and nephew are staying with us this week while their parents are off living it up in Florida, so it was the perfect recipe to share with them for breakfast this morning.  One unfortunate side effect….due to the extra 5 minutes of waiting for the muffins to come out of the oven, Annie got a 5 minutes late start to walk down our quarter mile long driveway to the catch the bus.  Then she’s back in the kitchen for another muffin, saying the bus was just driving off into the sunrise as she got to the end of the driveway.  Oh well.  Muffins and hot chocolate and a ride to school with her brother.

Anyways, the muffins.  Super easy, very tasty, light and delicate crumb.  Definitely a keeper.  You can find the recipe on the blog of this week’s host, Alisa of Easier Than Pie  (Happy Birthday!)

Batter up!


Batter in the muffin tin (I made 12 regular size muffins and 12 mini muffins) 

And batter baked to perfection at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.



Recipe #19: Bagels

It’s ok to try this at home! Making bagels sounds intimidating, but it really wasn’t that bad!  For the recipe, visit our host Heather on her blog, Heather’s Bytes.  Her bagels look so perfect in her beautiful photos.

I had to make a few changes in the recipe.  Since I had no high gluten flour on hand, I took advice from one of the comments on Tuesdays with Dorie added 1 teaspoon of vital wheat gluten per cup of bread flour.  I ended up using only about 5 1/2 cups of flour.  I think 6 cups would have been a little too tough (maybe I was a little short on the water?).  I also didn’t refrigerate them overnight, only about 2 hours, but I thought they still turned out fine.  Here are the step by step photos of the process:

After the first rise for an hour, the dough rests in the refrigerator.

Deflate the dough and make into 10 equal little dough balls, shaping and pinching according to the directions in the recipe.

Then you make nice little holes in the middle with your thumb.  Looks good, right?But then what happened to the holes?  They disappeared into the boiling pot.

But the end result was good, even without nice holes in the middle.  I used every kind of topping I could find …sesame seeds, parmesan cheese, cinnamon sugar, onion flakes, garlic powder, sea salt…and made a variety of bagels.Tasted great this morning, toasted with a little butter.

Recipe #18: Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Loaves is our host this week.  Check out the recipe on her blog.

This was kind of a funny (strange) little recipe.  Not much work, but a huge time requirement: wait for the first rise, then wait to chill in the fridge overnight, then wait to warm back up on the counter all day, then wait for the second rise in the pans, then finally, wait for it to cook.  It smelled great while baking and tasted great too.  But worth the wait? Maybe, if you aren’t in a hurry to eat it.  Or maybe not, if you really just want a piece of warm pumpkin bread.  I think I’ll make a quick bread next time.

Here are all the major ingredients: walnuts, yeast, raisins, dried cranberries (no fresh ones in the stores here yet), egg, pumpkin, bread flour mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg and salt, and butter and sugar (not pictured because they are in the mixer being “beaten until creamy.”

The dough came together well in the mixer, then was kneaded for 10 minutes, also in the mixer (my Kitchenaid has made a full recovery from the overheated smoking complete shut down that occurred with the last recipe, Whole Wheat Loaves).

And, walla……29 hours later, these lovely little loaves of nutty, dried fruity goodness are ready to eat.  Notice I didn’t say “pumpkiny” goodness.  If you want a pumpkin flavored loaf, this isn’t it.  But it’s so pretty and orange that I forgive it.

Coming in 2 weeks:  Bagels!  Can’t wait!