Recipe #10: French Strawberry Cake

I’m catching up with the recipes I missed while on vacation.  I made the strawberry cake on the same day I made the semolina bread.  The recipes can be found on the hosts’ blogs: Sophia of Sophia’s Sweets and Allison of Sleep Love Think Dine

I’ve never made a Genoise cake batter before, so I was prepared with a back up dessert if it failed to rise.  Never fear, it turned out great with some very careful folding of the flour and butter.  Loved how it tasted with the cream and strawberries.  I will make this cake again!

The eggs and sugar are beaten until they form a nice sustainable ribbon when it drips off the whip.  The cake flour, and then the butter are gently folded in, and the batter goes (again gently) into the 8 inch cake pan, then directly into the oven.

The cake sliced into thirds more easily than I expected. I fixed the strawberries and whipped cream exactly as described in the recipe.  That cream is so delicious!So yummy… it tastes like summer; fresh, light and sunny.


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